Happy Birthday Beard

Join us as we hoist a glass of Old Crusty and wish Happy Birthday to John “The Beard” Maier.

Why Old Crusty? Because that’s the recipe the Beard used to win the 1987 American Homebrewers Association Homebrewer of the Year award. And the rest is craft brewing history… Prost!

Happy Birthday Beard


The Beard Welcomes The Brewing Network

The Beard greeted the cast and crew of The Brewing Network’s On The Road during their recent visit to Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. The Beard proved himself to be a man of few words, but also of many world class beers.

The Beard Toasts His Fellow Beer Legends

The Beard thanks his fellow legends who joined him Wednesday night as they raised a pint to British Brewer Samuel Smith at the Saraveza Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern. The Brits and Yanks: A Toast To Tradition! event was one of many held this week in Portland, Oregon for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference.

In no particular order. Anderson Valley’s Fal Allen, Brooklyn’s Garrett Oliver, Ecliptic’s John Harris, Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd, Pelican’s Darron Welch, Rogue’s John Maier and Sierra Nevada’s Danny Khan

A gathering of craft beer greatness. Anderson Valley’s Fal Allen, Breakside’s Nao Ohdera, Brooklyn’s Garrett Oliver (not pictured), Ecliptic’s John Harris, Fremont’s Matt Lincoln, Merchant Du Vin’s Tom Bowers, Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd, Oakshire’s Matt Van Wyk, Pegasus’ John Harris, Pelican’s Darron Welch, Sierra Nevada’s Danny Khan and the Beard. Photo by Amanda L. Smith – Courtesy of Merchant du Vin.



The Beard Welcomes Pilgrims To Beervana

beard logoThe Beard officially welcomes the thousands of craft beer pilgrims arriving in Portland, Oregon for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference.

In honor of the conference, the Beard has cleared his schedule for the week and announces he will attend the following events.

CBC logo2015 Wordwide Tour De Beard – Craft Brewers Conference

Tuesday, April 14th – Ecliptic Brewing

Gathering of recipients of the Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Brewing. The Beard was the first award winner in 1997.



Wednesday, April 13, 7pm – Saraveza Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern

Brits and Yanks: A Toast To Tradition: Join the Beard and other honored guests in a toast to Britain’s Samuel Smith, an independent and family owned brewery that helped inspire the American Craft Beer Renaissance. The Beard’s Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout will be featured.

The Beard Salutes The Human Porcupine

Jeff Langum

Jeff Langum

The Beard offers his congratulations to Jeff Langum, the new Guinness World Record holder for most toothpicks in a beard.

The Beard also cautions would be challengers that similar efforts should only be attempted under the supervisions of qualified medical personnel.


The Beard In Seattle

Following an active and successful stop in Seattle, as part of the 2015 World Wide Tour De Beard, the Beard has returned to his hometown of Newport, Oregon.

The Beard has released the following images of highlights of his Seattle visit.

The Beard at the Latona Pub.

The Beard at the Latona Pub.

The annual dinner held in honor of the Beard at Seattle’s Latona pub is one of the Beard’s favorite events, one he hasn’t missed in 24 years.

Affixing his autograph to the wall at the Issaquah Brewhouse.

Affixing his autograph to the wall at the Issaquah Brewhouse.

The Beard with Arlen Harris and Drew Culey at Holy Mountain Brewing.

The Beard with Arlen Harris and Drew Culey at Holy Mountain Brewing.

The Beard visiting Chuck's Hop Shop.

The Beard visiting Chuck’s Hop Shop.

The Beard always finds time to visit a local bike shop.

The Beard always finds time to visit a local bike shop.

Ask The Beard – Red IPA, Ponies and Odd Brews

Dear Beard,

I’m brewing a Amarillo Red IPA. I’ve heard Carared and a little Roast Barley will give a red color, if so what percentage do I need in my 10 gallon recipe?

– Zox Zoomer

beard logoI would use Carared at about 20% of the grist. I stay away from Roasted barley except in stouts, using it in a IPA could easily ruin the flavor with its roasted, acrid character.


Dear Beard,

Do you like ponies?

– Tom Brooks

beard logoNo! But I do like pony kegs.




Dear Beard,

Has Rogue toyed with (or thought of toying with) the idea of a truly aged beer? Maybe something aged in dead guy whiskey barrels?

– Luke Evans

Rogue BarrelsWe have been doing aged beer for a long time, we archive our Old Crustacean Barleywine and Imperial Stout in kegs and bottles, we are currently aging beer in our freshly dumped whiskey barrels.


Dear Beard,

What was the first odd beer you brewed?

– Gage Aguirre

beard logoI think it was our garlic beer, we put garlic cloves in a keg of our golden ale, it wasn’t half bad. 



Dear Beard,

What is the highest number of generations you’ve let Pacman (yeast) go before a new pitch was made?

-Chris Rogers

Beard 1988 - 3Back in the early days of my career at Rogue when we were real small, I remember going as high as 12 generations, after that the flavor of the beer started changing and the yeast would not flocculate as well, these days we don’t exceed 7 generations.


Ask the Beard is a public service provided by the Beard. Submit your questions to the Rogue Ales Facebook page. Void where prohibited by law.

Brunch With The Beard Sunday

beard logoThe Beard announced today a new stop on the 2015 World Wide Tour De Beard. The Beard will be present for a brunch held in his honor at the Issaquah Brewhouse in Issaquah, WA on Sunday, February 15th starting at 10am.

The menu for this family friendly event includes Voodoo doughnuts, Eggs Benedict, Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka Bloody Marys, and more. The brunch will be served buffet style and costs $12 per plate. For more information please visit the Beard Brunch Buffet page on Facebook.

The next day, the Beard will make his annual appearance at the Latona Pub in Seattle. For press accreditations for either event, please email Cher at cheryl@rogue.com. Additional stops during the Beard’s tour of the Seattle area will be announced as they become available.