Beard Tour California Leg

Beard Appears at California State Line

The Beard Tour rolls on. Cycling the 350 miles down the Oregon Coast, from Astoria to Brookings, wasn’t enough. The Beard has decided to press on and will continue down the California Coast until reaching the Rogue Public House in San Francisco.

Along the way stops will include scenic backdrops, favorite drinking haunts, and the Petaluma Whiskerino. Dedicated to the proposition that all people are free to have independence from shaving, the Petaluma Whiskerino is a revival of the “Beard Contest”, established in 2003. Its original design was an inter-continental competition that had contestants shave on the same day, wait 4 ½ months and then meet for a throw-down.

 The Beard has not shaved in over 25 years and makes no plans to do so.

 When the Beard reaches San Francisco, the Rogue Public House will host a Meet the Beard party. Stay tuned for more information about the Beard’s progress and follow us at, facebook, or twitter.


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