In The City Of Brotherly Beards

beardThe Beard arrived in Philadelphia this week to a warm welcome by his fellow hirsutes and fans of craft beer.

His journey, to the city where Benjamin Franklin declared that, “Beer is proof God loves us”, began with a sojourn to Nodding Head Brewery and Meet The Beard appearances at Barcade and the Eulogy Belgian Tavern.

Beard Bobblehead Collage

Left: The Beard in his rightful spot along artistic geniuses Cheech and Chong.
Right: The Beard with Nodding Head owner Curt Decker.

Beard and Barcade Boys collage

Left: The Beard with Barcade owner Paul Kermizian.
Right: The Beard, Kermizian and the Barcade Boys.

Beard Eulogy Collage

Top: The Beard and Eulogy manager Chris Topham.
Left: With More Beer founder Olin Schultz
Right: With Mike of Wisconsin Beer Geek.

The Tour De Beard of Philadelphia continues as the Beard attends the annual American Homebrewers Association conference. The Beard was the AHA Homebrewer of the Year in 1988 vows to never miss this annual gathering of homebrewers.


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