Beard Pilgrimage To Beer Mecca

The Beard has completed his annual pilgrimage to the Oregon Brewers Festival in the Mecca of Beer, Portland, Oregon.

He was especially pleased this year to serve as the Grand Marshal of the opening parade, an honor he shared with Rogue Ales and Spirits President Brett Joyce.

Beard in parade

The Beard and Brett in the parade of the Oregon Brewers Festival.

OBF Parade

The parade was led by the Monks and their unique Beard iconography.

Beard Brett Keg Tap OBF

The Beard and Brett officially opened the Oregon Brewers Festival with the ceremonial tapping of the keg.

The Beard’s will rest today for a period of quiet reflection, then will resume the 2014 World Tour De Beard Friday, July 25th with an appearance in the 10th Annual Sasquatch BrewAm Golf Tournament.

The Sasquatch BrewAm supports the craft beer industry through scholarships which sends brewers from the Pacific Northwest to the Siebel Institute and the American Brewers Guild to further their knowledge and their craft.


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