Beard In The Cheese

beardThe 2014 World Tour De Beard heads to Atlanta this week to celebrate two of the greatest gifts from the Gods of fermentation, beer and cheese.

The Beard’s hometown of Newport, Oregon is tucked between the celebrated dairy appellations of Bandon and Tillamook, and the Beard has long supported the renaissance of American Artisan Cheese.

The events this week will highlight the Beard’s collaboration with artisan cheesemakers, and why beer and cheese is a superior pairing to cheese and wine.

Chocolate Stout and CheddarBeer in Cheese – Collaboration of a Cheese Maker and Brewmaster
Wednesday, October 1st – 12:15pm
Institut du Fromage

Beer and Cheese Pairing
Thursday, October 2nd – 5:15pm
Gourmet Foods International Campus

VIP Beer and Cheese Event – Atlanta Cheese Festival
Friday, October 3rd – 6:30pm
Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Please note: Not all events are open to the public and members of the international press will have to contact the sponsoring organization for access.

Cows Don't Eat Grapes.

Cows Don’t Eat Grapes.


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