All Aboard The Beard

beard logoBecause of the growing popularity of beard climbing, The Beard encourages everyone to wear proper safety gear before mounting The Beard.



One thought on “All Aboard The Beard

  1. Trying to wrap myself about the concept of Beard Climbing…is that when the hairs travel up your face, or something else? LOL…had to look that one up and got the visual from a shirt over at a site run by gay ‘bears’, thankfully not pornographic. To think: the famous ‘face in the mountain’ that symbolized New Hampshire’s unique landscape fell apart something like 15 years ago…I was preparing to help that visage grow a monster beard…but alas. As of yesterday a much smaller but climbable version is at the University of Salford in jolly old England which is the ‘representation’ of famed socialist Beard Freidrich Engels. It’s more an abstract rendering. Then again, I’m not a Socialist…and find all their concepts abstract.

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