Ask The Beard – Red IPA, Ponies and Odd Brews

Dear Beard,

I’m brewing a Amarillo Red IPA. I’ve heard Carared and a little Roast Barley will give a red color, if so what percentage do I need in my 10 gallon recipe?

– Zox Zoomer

beard logoI would use Carared at about 20% of the grist. I stay away from Roasted barley except in stouts, using it in a IPA could easily ruin the flavor with its roasted, acrid character.


Dear Beard,

Do you like ponies?

– Tom Brooks

beard logoNo! But I do like pony kegs.




Dear Beard,

Has Rogue toyed with (or thought of toying with) the idea of a truly aged beer? Maybe something aged in dead guy whiskey barrels?

– Luke Evans

Rogue BarrelsWe have been doing aged beer for a long time, we archive our Old Crustacean Barleywine and Imperial Stout in kegs and bottles, we are currently aging beer in our freshly dumped whiskey barrels.


Dear Beard,

What was the first odd beer you brewed?

– Gage Aguirre

beard logoI think it was our garlic beer, we put garlic cloves in a keg of our golden ale, it wasn’t half bad. 



Dear Beard,

What is the highest number of generations you’ve let Pacman (yeast) go before a new pitch was made?

-Chris Rogers

Beard 1988 - 3Back in the early days of my career at Rogue when we were real small, I remember going as high as 12 generations, after that the flavor of the beer started changing and the yeast would not flocculate as well, these days we don’t exceed 7 generations.


Ask the Beard is a public service provided by the Beard. Submit your questions to the Rogue Ales Facebook page. Void where prohibited by law.


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