The Beard Welcomes Pilgrims To Beervana

beard logoThe Beard officially welcomes the thousands of craft beer pilgrims arriving in Portland, Oregon for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference.

In honor of the conference, the Beard has cleared his schedule for the week and announces he will attend the following events.

CBC logo2015 Wordwide Tour De Beard – Craft Brewers Conference

Tuesday, April 14th – Ecliptic Brewing

Gathering of recipients of the Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Brewing. The Beard was the first award winner in 1997.



Wednesday, April 13, 7pm – Saraveza Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern

Brits and Yanks: A Toast To Tradition: Join the Beard and other honored guests in a toast to Britain’s Samuel Smith, an independent and family owned brewery that helped inspire the American Craft Beer Renaissance. The Beard’s Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout will be featured.


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