The Beard Toasts His Fellow Beer Legends

The Beard thanks his fellow legends who joined him Wednesday night as they raised a pint to British Brewer Samuel Smith at the Saraveza Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern. The Brits and Yanks: A Toast To Tradition! event was one of many held this week in Portland, Oregon for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference.

In no particular order. Anderson Valley’s Fal Allen, Brooklyn’s Garrett Oliver, Ecliptic’s John Harris, Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd, Pelican’s Darron Welch, Rogue’s John Maier and Sierra Nevada’s Danny Khan

A gathering of craft beer greatness. Anderson Valley’s Fal Allen, Breakside’s Nao Ohdera, Brooklyn’s Garrett Oliver (not pictured), Ecliptic’s John Harris, Fremont’s Matt Lincoln, Merchant Du Vin’s Tom Bowers, Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd, Oakshire’s Matt Van Wyk, Pegasus’ John Harris, Pelican’s Darron Welch, Sierra Nevada’s Danny Khan and the Beard. Photo by Amanda L. Smith – Courtesy of Merchant du Vin.




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