Riding High With The Beard

CAPE LOOKOUT, OREGON COAST – Rogue Brewmaster John “the Beard” Maier successfully mastered the most difficult section of the People’s Coast Arthritis Bike Classic this week when he arrived at Cape Lookout on the Oregon Coast, the highest point of the ride.

The uphill achievement was certified “Incredible” by a masked superhero with expertise in such matters.

Beard Cape Lookout web

The Beard receiving his certificate of Incredibleness.

The People’s Coast Arthritis Bike Classic is a six-day, 360-mile ride on the beautiful Oregon Coast. It’s goal is to raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation – a cause near and dear to the Beard.

The event began Sunday morning at the Rogue Ales Public House in Astoria, Oregon.

Beard Rogue Astoria With Jay Fineman by Daniella Madruga Crowder

The Beard at the starting point with fellow rider Jay Fineman.

Start from Rogue in Astoria Scott Weaver

The Beard and his assembled entourage just moments before the ride began.

The Beard shows his approval for the new mobile showers in Tillamook.

The Beard shows his approval for the new mobile showers in Tillamook.

Today finds the Beard and fellow riders taking a “rest day” in the Beard’s hometown of Newport, Oregon. Activities include a whale watching tour, a visit to a local lighthouse and possible consumption of craft beer. Riders will finish the day with a short 32-mile trip to the coastal hamlet of Yachats.

The Arthritis Foundation is still short of its goal to raise $250,000 from the ride. The Beard invites all of his fans, supporters and concerned members of the public to help this fine organization reach this milestone by making a contribution through his personal donation page.


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