Join The Beard For No-Shave November

Beard Beer No ShaveThe Beard calls upon all his fellow hirsute and pre-hirsute to join him for No-Shave November, a unique way to grow awareness about cancer.

During No-Shave November, participants put away their razors, blades and shaving cream for one month, and let their beards, burns and mustaches grow wild and free. Many cancer patients lose their hair during treatment. In No-Shave November, those who can grow facial hair embrace their hairiness to support for people with cancer and raise money to fund research, education and prevention.

From The Beard, here’s how you can help.

Drink Beard Beer: Beard Beer, made with yeast cultivated from the old-growth follicles of Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier is the official beer of No-Shave November. During the month, Rogue Ales will donate proceeds from the sales of Beard Beer to the No-Shave Movement. Find the nearest bottle of Beard Beer using the Rogue Beer Finder.

Don’t Shave: Join the No-Shave Movement online as a rugged individual or put together a team. Sign up here.

Shave: Pogonophobiacs can contribute to a team, a friend, or just make a donation to the cause using No-Shave’s Donation Page.

Go Viral: Tell your story using the #LetItGrow and #BeardBeer hashtags.

The Beard’s old-growth whiskers have remained uncut since 1978. He’s ready for No-Shave November. Are you?

Beard 1988 - 3


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