No-Shave November Gets Itchy And Scratchy

John with BarrelTen days into No-Shave November, and Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier is pleased to report that all of his fellow Rogues have kept their pledge to forswear shaving for the month.

However, the Beard recognizes that the No-Shave 21 have entered a difficult period of hirsute pursuit. They are experiencing the full itch effect of a beard that has not yet fully come into its own. This is a time when lesser men give up and return to the razor.

Offering words of encouragement the Beard reminded the 21, “This too shall pass. If it doesn’t, have a Beard Beer, the official beer of No-Shave November.”

“If the yeast cultivated from my beard doesn’t make you feel better, then take comfort knowing that some of the proceeds from the sales of Beard Beer will go to fight cancer.”

During No-Shave November participants put down their razors for the month to grow cancer awareness by embracing hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. The Beard is proud to support the No-Shave movement.

Six of the No-Shave 21 have submitted photos of the folliclular status as of November 9th and their tips for enduring the itchy and scratchy phase of beard development.


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