Meet The Winners Of Rogue’s No-Shave November


beard logoAfter thoughtful and careful consideration, Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier is pleased to announce the winners of the Rogue No-Shave November competition.

Before releasing his decision, the Beard noted that by not shaving for an entire month, and by raising awareness for the No-Shave November fight against cancer, everyone who participated is a winner in the eyes of the Beard.

Each participant was judged according to his before and after photos as shown below.

Best Growth Award

Matt "The Shadow" Evans

Matt “The Shadow” Evans

Best Presentation Award

Bulent "The Turk" Simsek

Bulent “The Turk” Simsek

Naturally Beardy Award

Titus "The Closer" Overturf

Titus “The Closer” Overturf

Creepiest Selfies Award (Tie)

"Big Al" Jorgensen

“Big Al” Jorgensen

Brett "El Jefe" Joyce

Brett “El Jefe” Joyce

The Runners Up

Jim "The Stache" Cline

Jim “The Stache” Cline

AD "The Cleaner" Lewis

AD “The Cleaner” Lewis

Tony "Stare Down" Wyman

Tony “Stare Down” Wyman

Ben "The Shooter" Blair

Ben “The Shooter” Blair

Chris "The Mash" Biszants

Chris “The Mash” Biszants

Brett "Clothing Optional" Angnos

Brett “Clothing Optional” Angnos

German "Crazy Eyes" Martinez

German “Crazy Eyes” Martinez

Derek "The Hat" Johnson

Derek “The Hat” Johnson

Kyle "Shades" Ward

Kyle “Shades” Ward

Mike "Reboot" Leeder

Mike “Reboot” Leeder

Ryan "Go ahead, scratch my beard." Dean

Ryan “Go ahead, scratch my beard.” Dean

Ross "Sheldon" Winkler

Ross “Sheldon” Winkler

The Beard made his own personal contribution with Beard Beer, the official beer of No-Shave November. The Beard personally brews each batch of Beard Beer with yeast that was cultivated from the follicles on his face. During November, proceeds from the sale of Beard Beer were donated to the No-Shave November movement.

Beard Beer_No-Shave


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