Beard Beer Wins Over The Skeptics

In the newest edition of Food and Wine, novelist John Wray asks the question, “Has Craft the Craft Beer Movement Finally Gone too Far?

The Beard is pleased to report that Beard Beer, brewed with a wild yeast cultivated from the follicles of the Beard, rightly earned the respect of Wray and other skeptics.

For all its hype, Beard Beer proved to be a mild-mannered ale with blessedly few quirks. This was a beer brewed to pleased.

– John Wray in the June edition of Food and Wine

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The 2015 Beard In Review

beard logoIt’s been a remarkable year for Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier.

The 2015 World Wide Tour De Beard opened in Great Britain, where the Beard brewed a special collaboration batch of Brutal IPA with the Head Brewer of Adnams Brewery in Suffolk; and concluded with a Christmas beer tour of Europe.

The Beard added another 7,256 miles to his trusty bicycle, taking part in rides from Yellowstone, Washington and the Oregon Coast. The Beard is pleased to note that with the help of his loyal legion of followers, together they raised $3,848 for the Arthritis Foundation.

At The End Of The Ride

The Beard also took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions submitted by fans from around the world. Offering insights on a wide variety of topics, the Beard discussed such issues as the meaning of beer, and how to put banana in a beer bottle.

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The Beard was especially proud that Beard Beer, made with yeast cultivated from the Beard, was named the official beer of No-Shave November. He was even prouder when several of his fellow Rogues answered his call to join the No-Shave Movement and gave up shaving for the month.

Bulent "The Turk" Simsek

Bulent “The Turk” Simsek, winner of the Best Presentation Award for No-Shave November.

When the hirsute community came under attack by the tabloid press, the Beard offered words of encouragement, and spoke up on behalf of British bobbies, persons of all genders and the natural habitat of beards everywhere.

He celebrated the accomplishments of the hirsute, and reminded the would be bearded there were no shortcuts in the pursuit of whiskered perfection.

Jeff Langum

Jeff Langum, the Human Porcupine.

In 2015, being his 26th year of brewing for Rogue Ales, the Beard marked the milestone of 19,000 brews as he crafted his annual batch of Wet Hop Ale using fresh Freedom Hops picked earlier that morning at Rogue Farms.

John Brewing Fresh Hop Sept 2015 2

What will 2016 bring for the Beard? More beers and new recipes yet to be created, another year of riding, new travels to spread the Rogue Revolution around the world, and the endless efforts in support of his fellow hirsute.

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The Beard Welcomes His Fellow Rogues To No-Shave November

Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier welcomes the fellow Rogues who accepted his challenge to join him for the No-Shave November fight against cancer. The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.

John with Barrel

For the Beard, every day since 1978 is No-Shave November.

Each of the No-Shave 18 began the challenge with a selfie of his clean shaven face, and a solemn vow to:

  • Not shave for 30 days.
  • Drink more Beard Beer, the Revolutionary beer fermented with yeast cultivated from the Beard. Beard Beer is the official beer of No-Shave November. Rogue is donating proceeds from the sale of Beard Beer during November to the No-Shave movement.

Fans of the Beard may follow the No-Shave movement, or post their own photos using the hashtags #LetItGrow and #beardbeer.

The Rogue Ales and Spirits No-Shave 18
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The Beard Has The Answers

beard_beer1In response to the article titled, They Made Beer From Beard Yeast (And We Have Questions), Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier has issued the following answers.

1: Beard Yeast is a previously undiscovered variety of wild yeast cultivated from The Beard. As The Beard has been brewing for more than 27 years, finding a fermentable yeast hidden in his follicles is not so far fetched.

2: Beard Beer does not need to be defined by style or with tasting notes. It is simply meant to be enjoyed.

3: We do not know if it tastes like a beard because we don’t know what a beard tastes like.

The Beard Loves Dogs

Beard At BMAF 5 webThe Beard is making available to news media and the public, the following images from his appearance at Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest.

BMAF is near and dear to the Beard. It’s named for his faithful black lab Brewer who grew up in the Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon and rose through the ranks to become CEO.

As the world’s largest dog and beer festival, proceeds from the event support Central Oregon Coast animal charities.

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A Rogues Gallery Of Beards

The Beard would like to thank everyone for their support of Beard Beer.

-Press Secretary Charwin Blues Breaker

In our hometown of Newport, Oregon.

In our hometown of Newport, Oregon.

At the Rogue Public House on NW Flanders in Portland's Pearl District.

At the Rogue Public House on NW Flanders in Portland’s Pearl District.

At The Green Dragon

At The Green Dragon in Southeast Portland.

The Rogue Public House in Eugene.

The Rogue Public House in Eugene.

Mrs. Beard

Mrs. Beard