Worst New Beard Trends Part One

beard logoAs part of his ongoing public service campaign on behalf of the hirsute, Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier states for the record that beards are not fragile and masculinity is not “an ephemeral concept that can popped like a soap sud.”

“Bubble Beards” Mock Your Beard Obsession With Soap Suds



Beards Deserve Our Respect

beard logoRogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier is pleased to report that, in Egypt, “gross negligence” of beards is a criminal offense.

Egypt says King Tut beard was scratched, sends 8 to trial


The Beard Welcomes The Brewing Network

The Beard greeted the cast and crew of The Brewing Network’s On The Road during their recent visit to Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. The Beard proved himself to be a man of few words, but also of many world class beers.