Where In The World Is The Beard?

beard logoToday we find the Beard in a country far, far away from his hometown of Newport, Oregon – a land of fire and ice.

The following photos were taken by amateur drone enthusiasts who risked their personal safety to capture images of the Beard in this exotic locale. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to identify the country and the locations visited by the Beard.

The rules are as follows:

  • Five points for the first person to name the country.
  • Additional points to the first person who identifies the specific locations shown in the photos.
  • The person with the most points wins.

Location 1: The First Among Geysers

Location 1

Three points for naming the geyser.

Location 2: This fishing village is the filming location for a popular mystery television series.

Location 4

Location 5

Three points for naming the village, five points for naming the television show.

Location 3: A national park known for its waterfalls.

Location 3

Three points for naming the park, five points for identifying the waterfall shown in the photo.

Location 4: The biggest mystery of all.

Location 2

In this photo, the Beard is seen hiking to a waterfall famous for rainbows. Five points for naming the waterfall.

Please submit your answers in the comments section below. The contest continues until all the locations are correctly identified. Additional clues may be given after 24 hours, although given the many brilliant minds among the Beard’s followers, we don’t think it will be a problem.

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federal, state and local laws/regulations. Neither the Beard nor his 
affiliates will have any liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses 
or damages of any kind caused by participation in this contest. The 
Beard is not responsible for electronic transmission errors resulting 
in omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operations or 
transmission or alterations of entry materials, or for technical, 
network, telephone equipment, electronic, computer, hardware 
or software malfunctions or limitations of any kind, or inaccurate 
transmissions of or failure to receive entry information. If,for any 
reason, the contest is not capable of running as planned for any 
reason the Beard reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or 
suspend the contest and select the winner by random drawing from among 
all eligible entries received from all methods.

Beard Beer Wins Over The Skeptics

In the newest edition of Food and Wine, novelist John Wray asks the question, “Has Craft the Craft Beer Movement Finally Gone too Far?

The Beard is pleased to report that Beard Beer, brewed with a wild yeast cultivated from the follicles of the Beard, rightly earned the respect of Wray and other skeptics.

For all its hype, Beard Beer proved to be a mild-mannered ale with blessedly few quirks. This was a beer brewed to pleased.

– John Wray in the June edition of Food and Wine

food and wine 2 copy


The Beard Visits Michigan


WESTLAND, MICH. – Thousands of craft beer lovers braved stormy skies and threat of rain for a rare opportunity to meet the Beard at the annual Michigan Cask Ale Festival which was held this past weekend.

Clouds and the threat of rain did not damper the spirits of festival goers.

Clouds, cool temperatures and the possibility of rain did not damper the spirits of festival goers.

The Beard did not disappoint, bringing with him a cask conditioned keg of 4 Hop IPA, which he crafted exclusively for the festival.


The Beard presented his cask conditioned keg of 4 Hop IPA to his eager fans.

After signing autographs and submitting to selfies with the many members of his adoring public, the Beard took a moment to enjoy some of the other fine cask conditioned beers available at the festival.


The Beard with the festival tap list.

The Beard thanks the good people of Westland, Michigan for their hospitality and good times and hopes to return in the future.

Thanks For 27 Years

May 1, 1989: Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier walks into a garage along Bayfront Blvd. in Newport, Oregon and begins crafting his first brew for Rogue Ales.

27 years, nearly 20,000 brews and 1,800 awards later, he’s still leading the Revolution.

Prost from all of us at Rogue Ales and Spirits!

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Birthday Greetings For The Beard


Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier offers his thanks to the loyal legion of fans and admirers for their good wishes on this, his 61st birthday. The Beard is celebrating with a bottle of Old Crustacean Barleywine which he brewed using the same recipe that earned him the 1988 American Homebrewers Association, Homebrewer of the Year award.

Today, we fondly look back on his place in craft brewing history.

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From New York To Nassau With The Beard


The Beard has returned from his tour of the East Coast and the Bahamas, and thanks his many fans for their warm welcome. During his week long, five-stop tour, the Beard spread the news of the Rogue Grow Your Own Revolution, recruited 1,134 new citizens to Rogue Nation and visited some of the region’s many fine drinking establishments.

The following photos of the Beard’s tour are being released for use by the general public and international media.

The Beard in Central Park.

The Beard in Central Park.

Times Square

Times Square

Alligator wrestling in Cocoa West, Florida.

Wrestling an alligator in Cocoa West, Florida.

Airboat riding in Florida.

Airboat riding in Florida.

Getting a tan on the beach at Nassau, Bahamas.

Getting a tan on the beach at Nassau, Bahamas.

The Beard Spotted In Men’s Journal


Apple’s iPhone encryption technology failed to block Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier from appearing in a prestigious men’s magazine to discuss matters of national importance.

We are providing the link (click on the image) to the article as a public service.

Men's Journal

New Stops Added To 2016 Worldwide Tour De Beard


Today, Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier announced major changes to the 2016 Worldwide Tour De Beard.

A longtime highlight of the annual Tour De Beard is the Arthritis Bike Classic Oregon. This year’s ride has a new route, which the Beard has released to facilitate the interests of his loyal legions of fans who are often seen cheering the Beard as he rides through the scenic Oregon countryside.

Beard Rogue Astoria With Jay Fineman by Daniella Madruga Crowder

The Beard at the beginning of the 2015 Arthritis Bike Classic.

The Beard is pleased with the new route for not only does it take riders along the beautiful Oregon Coast, but also through the heart of the state’s hop growing region.

2016 Arthritis Bike Classic Oregon, September 17th

  • Day One: Portland to Silver Falls State Park
  • Day Two: Silver Falls State Park to Champoeg State Park
  • Day Three: Champoeg State Park to L.L. “Stub” Stewart State Park
  • Day Four: L.L. “Stub” Stewart State Park to Cannon Beach
  • Day Five: Cannon Beach to Pacific City
  • Day Six: Pacific City to Newport

The six-day, 335 mile ride concludes with a celebration at the Rogue Brewery in the Beard’s hometown of Newport, Oregon.

The Beard leading a tour of the Rogue Brewery for PCC riders.

The Beard leading a tour of the Rogue Brewery for his fellow riders.

Anyone who wishes to support the Beard in this cause may contribute through his personal donation page. Last year, the Beard and his supporters raised $3,848. Please join the Beard in the fight against this debilitating disease!

The above information is deemed accurate, but not warranted. Dates and locations may change unexpectedly depending upon unanticipated Acts of God and where the best bar in town is located.

Beards Have Rights Too


Rogue Brewmaster John “The Beard” Maier stands with subway drivers in Osaka, Japan who are suing for their right to wear beards on the job.

The Beard is opposed to all forms of pogonophobia and supports the rights of the hirsute to full facial expression.

Japanese subway drivers are suing for their right to grow a beard